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Crime Chase

Client: Fox Italy
Platform: Online
Description: Advergame to promote the new season of CSI in Italy

Birmania Rabbits

Client: Fox Argentina
Platform: Online | battle mail
Description: Advergame to attract people to the renewed Fox Argentina site

Polar Ice Domino

Client: Polar Ice Venezuela
Platform: Online
Description: Single player domino advergame

Fashion Fighter

Client: Arbiser Fashion Shop
Platform: Online
Description: Two models fighting on different scenarios, dynamic advertisements

iPhone games

Client: Chandon
Platform: iPhone
Description: iPhone | iPod Touch web games for marketing actions

Multiplayer Games


Platform: Online, multiplayer
Description: Cooperative online tetris game with lobby and rooms. Up to 8 players per room can play side by side (no limit on the amount of game rooms)

Darkstris was the grand prize winner of the Project Darkstar Developer Challenge

Taringa! Games

Platform: Online, multiplayer
Description: Multiplayer games developed for the linksharing site Taringa!, one of the most visited sites in Latin America

Massive Multiplayer Online Games


Platform: Online, massive multiplayer
Description: In prototyping phase